New Client Connection

40 MINUTES Complimentary

A 40-minute consult in which we discuss your health needs, your goals, and take an opportunity to plot the next steps.


6 Week New Diagnosis Start Up

50 MINUTES/weekly $450 (paid in full)

$225 (two installments)

Have you just received a diagnosis of SIBO, IBS, auto-immune markers or something similar that has left you confused and wondering how to proceed? Has your medical practitioner asked you to go on a special diet* to help you heal your body, but it just seems so overwhelming you just don’t know where to start? During this 6-week program, you will receive weekly support from Karen one-on-one, a straightforward path laid out for you to follow, specific information on your diagnosis, tips, menus, shopping lists and email access to ask pressing questions as you begin your healing journey. You will receive support and advice from a practitioner who has been, and still is, on the journey of healing and will have the opportunity to get your questions answered in a clear and concise manner.

*Special diets Karen works with include, but aren’t limited to: SIBO specific, LowFODMAP, Autoimmune Protocol, Elimination Diet, Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, plant based, etc.

The Details: 6 consecutive weeks of coaching, 50 minutes per week. Either in person or over the phone/video conferencing.


6 Months to Permanent Healthy Life Shifts

50 Minutes/Bi-weekly $920 (or $154/month)

Ready to make a big shift in a big way? Let’s get down to business and make an overhaul of your current habits. Over 6 months, we will have a lot of regular time together to give you an opportunity to experiment with various changes, and see their effects on your body, your heart and your mind. Sure, we’ll address your goals, and then we’ll dive a little deeper to bring on lasting change through regular wellness habits. Depending on your exact needs, we’ll address your diet, give you mindfulness strategies to combat stress and connect with your body, learn how your body does in certain situations, add or enhance your physical activity, and more. It all depends on YOU! 

Why the longer program? Because it takes time to heal; it takes time to make permanent shifts. We are evolving beings and 6 months gives you time to weather some ups and downs and find some equilibrium.

The Details: 12 – 50-minute coaching sessions (2 per month). Either in person or over the phone/video conferencing. 

Free inclusion to any classes or events Karen holds during this time, as well as subsequent hand-outs and materials. And special surprise bonuses just for you to support you on your journey.


Special add-ons to boost your healing success

Personal Pantry Makeover

60 Minutes $125

Karen will come to your house and work with you to streamline your pantry and fridge to support your new dietary fresh start.

Within Bozeman City Limits. For further distances, travel will be added.


Grocery Store Tour

90 MINUTES $140

We’ll head to two of your favorite stores, talk buying strategies, look at food labels and seek out go-to items to support you on your healing journey. 

Conditions supported:




Chronic inflammation

Autoimmune markers

Type 2 diabetes

ADD/ADHD, attention issues

Food intolerances/sensitivities

Gut imbalance, digestive malfunction, Leaky Gut

Weight loss

GERD (reflux), Heartburn

Disordered Eating

Overall Health and Wellness to live a vibrant life

Digestive repair post international travel

Traveling with food intolerances and digestion issues

General, basic nutrition

Athletic optimization through diet and mindfulness

Karen is offering her programs at student rates – for a limited time.

Her blog and more info can be found at




Please call (406) 585-9113 for scheduling and questions. 

Or schedule online.