We love what we do.

We are a collective of practitioners that do our best work by doing it together.

Our goal is to awaken human potential by empowering individual wellbeing through the integration of modern medicine and traditional healing wisdom. 

The Enso symbol (brushstroke) represents our unique life path where we find completeness, grace and peace. It symbolizes living in the present moment with compassion and love, recognizing abundance and contentment, yet unattached to permanence.

We focus treatments with this in mind – tailored to you, in this exact moment of your life.

All of the practitioners at Enso bring a unique set of skills that compliment and inspire one another.  We believe learning and sharing perspectives helps us grow the quality of care in natural health. 

We strive for integrity in our craft and uphold each other professionally with regular ongoing education and through practicing what we preach - taking care of our own health so we can better care for yours.