Ayurvedic – New Patient Consultation 

90 Minutes $155

This consult includes an in-depth conversation about your current health, lifestyle, and health history. Through our conversation and a light physical examination (including pulse and tongue reading) recommendations will be made to bring you back toward optimal health. These recommendations include diet, herbs, lifestyle choices and body therapies. 


Ayurvedic – Followup Consultation

60 Minutes $90  :: 30 Minutes $45

Designed to keep you on your path towards wellness. As we begin to unravel your current symptoms, new symptoms can arise. This allows for a closely currated program to guide you through your journey to health. You may schedule 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on depth of follow-up needed.  


Pancha Karma

3, 5 & 7 Day offerings - price tailored with your individual treatment

Are you depleted and exhausted, burnt-out, suffering from chronic symptoms or conditions that will not shift? Overstimulated by technology, struggling with weight, or wanting to slow the aging process?  Or planning to have a child, going through a major life transition, or concerned about your lack of vitality?  Try an Ayurvedic Immersion Program. Both rejuvenation programs or cleansing and rejuvenation (Pancha Karma) programs are offered.

Pancha Karma translates as 5 actions. These 5 actions lead us through 3 phases of cleansing and rebuilding. The first phase is oleation, the second is the releasing of toxins and the cleansing of the system, and the third phase is the rejuvenation and rebuilding process. See what level is appropriate for you and your condition.

Inquire about Pancha Karma and rejuvenation programs by calling the office.

The Meditative Mind

60 MINUTES $95 

Also called Shirodhara. This 60 minute therapy includes a 20 minute massage followed by a stream of warm, herbal infused oil over the forehead for approximately 30 minutes. Stimulation of nerve plexuses on the forehead & scalp releases neurotransmitters & neurohormones that relax and reset the body at the deepest level. Shirodhara facilitates release of serotonin and can elevate alpha & theta brain wave activity, opening a state of relaxation in which there is relief from thought, a well of peace, and restfulness. Ideal for those suffering from stress, anxiety, hormone imbalance, or insomnia.


Ayurvedic Massage

60 Minutes $85 

Traditionally called Abyhanga (pronounced AH-bee-YAN-ga) features the use of luxurious organic oils infused with herbs and aromatherapeutic essences that deeply penetrate and nourish the skin and senses. Circulation and detoxification through lymphatic drainage will leave your system flushed and fully relaxed. 

Sinus Therapy

45 Minutes $75 

It is believed that the breath through the nose is the direct way to our brain and consciousness. Toxins and environmental allergens lead to excess accumulations in the sinuses decreasing our vitality. Nasya oil and massage cleanse and clear the nasal passages. 


Facial Rejuvenation

45 Minutes $75 

Stimulate your senses with a therapeutic facial that wakes up the skin with hydration and improved circulation. This treatment helps drain lymphatic accumulations and relaxes and rejuvenates your entire being. 


Low-Back Treatment (Kati Basti) 

60 Minutes $95 

This is a medicinal oil treatment for relieving tension and inflammation in the lower back. The patient lays down on their stomach, while a large ring is fixed on the back with a paste made of a special flour and water.

Warmed specially medicated oil is poured inside the ring and allowed to absorb over the course of 30 minutes. The medicinal properties of this treatment relieves stiffness, reduces inflammation and penetrates deeply into the bone tissue. The oil is changed intermittently so that it is kept warm over a period of 30 minutes. Includes 30 minutes of massage.

Specific benefits are:

  • Relieves the pain of Sciatic Nerve Compression

  • Fortifies the muscles of the back

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Helps soften stiff ligaments and tendons

  • Accelerates the repair of damaged tissues

  • Eases movement of the joints

*Beginning this treatment with a full 90 minute Ayurvedic massage and following it with an herbalized body steam is highly recommended.  

Heart Chakra Treatment

60 Minutes $95 

This treatment, unique to Ayurveda, is applied externally to the Heart Chakra – called Anahata – in Sanskrit. The word Anahatameans “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.”

The heart chakra is the wellspring that moves love, warmth, compassion, and joy through your life.

A vessel is made out of dough, placed over the heart, filled with warm, herbalized medicated oil and allowed to stand for 30 minutes.

The heart, as a physical and energetic nexus, is bathed, cleansed, fortified and nourished.

This treatment is recommended for the energetic imbalances that lead to physical conditions of the heart, such as weakness or arrhythmia, in addition to emotional conditions, such as heartache, sadness, anger, loss or a lack of self-love. Includes 1/2 hour massage. 

Herbal Body Steam 

45 Minutes $55 

This deliciously invigorating full body herb-infused steam bath is the perfect compliment to cleansing and detoxification protocols – and especially blissful on a cold spring or winter day.

The head is kept cool while the body is heated in a steam tent to stimulate a sweat that deeply warms while removing toxins. As aromatic herbalized steam saturates the skin, pores open in a cleansing sweat. Toxins move out. The channels of the body are cleared, muscles relax and the senses are nurtured. You are purified and invigorated.

Excellent for weight loss, detoxification, and to raise core body temperature. Best if paired with Ayurvedic Massage or Sinus Therapy.


Foot Reflexology (Kansa Vitaki)

60 Minutes $95 

Ideal for "skier feet", plantar fascilitis, or those wishing to detox. Pressure with index fingers and thumb is applied to specific reflex points resulting in a restorative effect on the body, encouraging an increase in energy and blood circulation and causing immediate release of endorphins. Finger pressure is followed by the use of the Kansa Bowl, an ancient instrument made of synergystic metals that alkalize and detoxify while regulating the electric impulses of the nervous system.

Ear Soother

45 Minutes $75 

This treatment clears excess Vata that shows up as ringing in the ears, TMJ, decreased hearing and blockages. 


Packages – Save 15%

The Kama Package: Ayurvedic Massage & Meditative Mind $155

The Moksha Package: Ayurvedic Massage, Meditative Mind & Herbal Steam $199  

The Healing Heart Ayurvedic Massage, Meditative Mind & Heart Chakra $234 



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